Clarkson Swerves Top Gear Question While Racing May and Hammond on James Corden Show

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Quite how James Corden manages to trick people into finding him entertaining is still beyond me, but the man destined to be in the running for the title of world’s most annoying human until the end of time is doing exceedingly well for himself, and brought the hosts of The Grand Tour together for a special Top Gear-like segment on his Late Late Show.

The trio were taking part in a race/quiz mashup, though the toughest part of the competition was actually sitting in a car with Corden for an extended period of time. For every wrong answer, the Clarkson, May and Hammond would have a second added to their lap time.

Highlights include Clarkson refusing to reveal whether or not he misses Top Gear, May laying down the law and Hammond… not crashing, I guess.

And the winner is...