Combined Super-AI Turns Everything Into a Penis

By Gary Cutlack on at

A project that mashes together an image creation AI with a porn filter has had one entirely predictable result. The computer sees pornography and penises stuck into everything.

It's the work of programmer Gabriel Goh, who took the MIT's image synthesising deep generator network and combined it with the Open NSFW porn detection system maintained by Yahoo. The results of which won't amaze you.

Goh's system (potentially NSFW in an abstract Gigeresque manner) shows the image synthesising brain is now obsessed with making everything look like a penis, although there are also some things that look a bit like tits and, if you squint a bit, the occasional fanny.

None of it's particularly human, though, it's like weird magic eye computer porn, made by AIs, for AIs. At least if the AIs of the future are all kept busy checking out algorithmic, procedural, infinite porn, that'll hopefully make them too lazy to bother turning on humans. Unless they get so turned on they start ordering us to strip for them. Dance naked for the AIs, or they'll crash the router. [The Verge]

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