Doctor Who's Getting a Mr Men Makeover

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Having seen how wildly overexcited people got over those mildly amusing Ladybird books for adults, Sanrio, BBC Worldwide and Penguin Random House publishing have teamed up to create 12 Doctor Who as Mr Men books. That’s one for each Time Lord.

The first four books, which will be based on the adventures of William Hartnell, Tom Baker, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s Doctors, have been rather creatively titled Dr First, Dr Fourth, Dr Eleventh and Dr Twelfth. They’re set to land in spring 2017 -- yep, I was hoping they’d make easy Christmas gifts too -- and will be written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves, the son of Mr Men creator Roger.

“There is a wealth of unofficial fan-created content online," said Alastair McHarrie, the licensing director of Sanrio. "We wanted to give something back to these supporters so we’ve created the first official Hargreaves mash-up. Who better to partner with than another classic British property, Doctor Who. We couldn’t be more excited.”

The project has SMASH HIT written all over it, though we fear all of the terrifying mash-ups that may follow. Geordie Shore meets Mr Men? Doctor Who meets Big Brother? That said, the illustration of Capaldi-as-Doctor-Who-as-Dr-Twelfth is utterly brilliant. [Bad Wilf Podcast]