Elon Musk Delays Tesla's Grand Unveiling Until Wednesday

By Tom Pritchard on at

A week or so ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would be announcing something big on the 17th October. That's today, if you haven't looked at a calendar recently. But last night Musk delayed the event until Wednesday, citing the need for "a few more days of refinement".

This isn't really a problem, though. Not only does Musk have a habit of announcing teasing announcements on Twitter before they're completely ready, The Verge claims that Tesla hasn't sent out any press invites. That means there are no journalists milling around Tesla HQ, annoyed at the fact they've been told to go home empty-handed.

What the company has planned is anyone's guess. Rumours have circulated that the announcement could be "big" Model 3 news, or something to do with the company's Powerwall batteries. What we know for sure is that it probably won't have anything to do with Tesla's plans for a roof-based solar power product. That's getting its own event at the end of the month. Provided it doesn't also get delayed. [The Verge]