Essential Reading Before You See Doctor Strange

By Tom Pritchard on at

In less than a week, Marvel's second film of 2016 will hit cinemas across the UK. Doctor Strange might not be the less well known character to non-comic readers, and while the film will no-doubt that that into account, it might be a good idea to read up on some of his paper adventures. Here are the books you need to read, plus a couple of other goodies.

Secret Wars, £17

Doctor Strange takes on a key role in last year's universe-shattering crossover, enforcing the will of the deity-like Doctor Doom onto the patchwork that is Battleworld. Obviously things don't go quite according to plan, and Strange plays a key role in the events that take place. It might also be worth getting your hands on New Avengers, which kicked off the long road to Secret Wars and focused on the Illuminati - of which Strange was a member. [Buy it here]

Doctor Strange Season One, £6

A tale from Doctor Strange's early days, during his mystical training and long before he claimed the title of Sorcerer Supreme. It has time travel, ghost battling, and the tale of how Strange and his partner Wong came together for the very first time. [Buy it here]

The Way of the Weird, £8

The latest ongoing series starring Stephen Strange, taking place in a post-Secret Wars Marvel universe and including issues 1-5. This is a typical tale of Strange protecting the Earth mystical and extra-dimensional forces, all while a powerful anti-magic force lurks in the distance. [Buy it here]

The Definitive Doctor Strange, £18

This one collects a lot of the early Doctor Strange comics, making it a perfect entry point for beginners wanting to read some of the trippier comics from back in the day. The days when writers and artists would literally take psychotropic drugs for inspiration. [Buy it here]

Doctor Strange Prelude, £14

The benefit of being affiliated with a comics company means Marvel Studios can release some backstory on their films before they're released. Doctor Strange is no exception, and the prelude offers some insight into the mystical arts and the characters set to appear (aside from Strange himself). [Buy it here]

The Oath, £18

A strange one. Strange has to go out on a paranormal investigation and investigate his own attempted murder. He has to travel from the underworld of New York City, to some of the darkest dimensions in the Marvel universe, all while one of his friends lies close to death. [Buy it here]

Triumph and Torment, £19

The road to Secret Wars wasn't the first time Marvel's two most powerful magical wielders, Doctors Doom and Strange, had to join forces. It involves Doctor Doom trying to reclaim his mother's soul from the demon Mephisto, forcing Strange to accompanying him into the depths of hell to make it happen. [Buy it here]

Invincible Iron Man, £11

The two Marvel heroes who played Sherlock Holmes won't be sharing screentime for a couple of years, but Invincible Iron Man shows some of the shenanigans we can hope to expect. Tony has to fight a magical enemy, and along the way he needs help from both Doctors Strange and Doom. This collects issues 1-5 of the ongoing Invincible Iron Man series. [Buy it here]

Doctor Strange, £4

The movie isn't the first time Doctor Strange has been adapted into new media, the most recent of which was this animated movie from 2008. It's another origin story, but based on what's been seen in the film the two plots unfold very differently. There's also a 1978 TV movie which was not very good, but only costs £4 to get your hands on. [Buy the animated movie here | Buy the TV movie here]

Lego Set, £24

New Marvel means new Lego, and Doctor Strange is no exception. This set comes with Strange, The Ancient One, Baron Mordo, and a demon trying to break into the Sanctum Sanctorum. [Buy it here]