Eurostar Will Go Direct To Amsterdam Next Year In Just 4 Hours

By James O Malley on at

Soon you'll be able to take a Eurostar train all the way from London St Pancras to Amsterdam Centraal in just four hours, according to a new draft timetable for the service.

The journey will take approximately as long as going London to Edinburgh, according to OV Magazine, and it will stop at Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport along the way.

At the moment, though Eurostar will happily sell you a ticket going from London to Amsterdam, it requires passengers to travel to Brussels and then switch to a Thalys high-speed service from another platform in a different section of the station.

According to the new plans, which have been revealed in a letter to the Belgian rail regulator there will be two departures a day in both directions and the journey will take about four hours. (Though, of course, because of time-zone changes it means that your journey will take either three hours or five hours depending on which direction you're going).

Even better, according to business traveller, the Amsterdam journeys will take place on new 900-seat Siemens rolling stock which will have wifi, at long last.

What isn't clear at this stage is how security checks will be carried out. When travelling on the channel tunnel, you have to go through passport control and airport-style X-ray machines. At the moment, unless a Eurostar originates from Paris or Brussels, passengers must alight at Lille for these checks, before heading into the tunnel. What isn't clear is whether they will be building new security controls at the other stations, or whether Amsterdam passengers - while remaining on the same train - will have to alight in Lille.

Direct Amsterdam services are set to begin in 2017.