Fake Olympians Gatecrash Rio 2016 Heroes' Welcome Float

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two men wearing tracksuits and biting their "gold" medals made it into the background of Sky News's coverage of the Olympic parade, before they were rumbled as frauds who had dressed up as proud Olympians and enjoyed a celebratory bus ride around Manchester for a laugh.

The news comes from Sky News which put them on the news in the first place. Initially telling the Sky News presenter they were members of the fencing team -- and who could argue with that? -- they attempted to blag it through an interview, but clearly the Sky man knew they were fakes from the outset and asked them if the sport they actually took part in was the Blagging Olympics.

The chap being questioned claimed he was ushered onto the bus by event staff without really meaning to do it, although the tracksuits and pretend medals and the fact they must've been very near the bus sort of ruin that excuse.

The British Olympic Association took it all way too seriously, saying: "We are aware of the matter, and are disappointed anyone would want to detract from the athletes' celebration. This did not spoil anyone's enjoyment of a wonderful event." [Sky News]

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