Finally London Has a Pokémon-Themed Stand-Up Comedy Night

By James O Malley on at

A Rapidash walks into a bar. "Why the long face?", asks the barman.

It appears that Londoners might find out tomorrow night, at what might be the world's first ever Pokémon-themed stand-up comedy night. Yes, this is definitely a thing now.

Laugh Out London have signed up 8 comedians from the alternative comedy circuit for what promises to be "a night of stand-up & sketch all themed around enslaving magical creatures and making them fight each other!", according to the publicity material.

"The Laugh Out London team always put on such wonderfully geeky specialist comedy nights, and I'm very excited to be a part of this gig that they have decided to run almost exactly two months after the Pokemon Go craze died", says comedian Chris Coltrane who is on the bill tomorrow. He adds, "As a fan of the game ever since the Gameboy Red/Blue days, I'm seriously looking forward to doing a stand-up set in character as a Pokemon, with a costume I've made just for the night. I am 34 years old. Come to this one-off gig and see why my parents are ashamed of my decision to quit IT to do comedy full-time."

(Chris also has a fun YouTube channel where he plays Mario Maker with comedian.)

The night is set to be hosted by Matthew Highton, apparently in character as Ash Ketchum, and will feature Joz Norris, Eleanor Morton, Tom Bell, Thom Tuck, James Hamilton and Alexander Bennett alongside Chris.

If you want to go along its all taking place at Angel Comedy 2.0, in Islington, in what used to be The Mucky Pup - and it's only £4 if you buy a ticket in advance.

Here's hoping that the show is a Critical Hit.