Google and Wikipedia Redirect Accidentally DDoSed French Government Sites

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Orange network, which is still alive and well in France, seems to have accidentally performed a DDoS attack on its own country's government.

The attack started when the network erroneously added a new collection of sites to its anti-terrorism blacklist, a block that results in an automatic redirect to a French government explanation page instead of loading the prohibited content. The problem was caused by the addresses it added -- only the main local .fr domains of Google, Wikipedia and numerous other sites, resulting in a mass traffic explosion at theĀ French Interior Ministry's sites.

Orange blamed "human error" for the incident, which saw baffled French web users sharing images of the blocked Google along with a warning that it contained terrorism-related material. Which, to be fair, it probably does if you try really hard and scroll through to the distant ends of the results pages. [The Register]

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