Google Founder's Flying Car Papped at US Airport

By Gary Cutlack on at

This pot-bellied little thing is believed to be a form of flying car developed with money syphoned off from the personal link-clicking fortune of Google's Larry Page, therefore it's one possible candidate for the official Google Flying Car of the year 2028.

It's thought to be one of the projects under development by Zee, an aeronautical startup based in Google's home turf of Mountain View. Spotters at the airport say they saw it hovering and making a weird whining noise, suggesting it's some sort of vertical takeoff personal mini plane for billionaires to use to pop from superyacht to superyacht, powered by a drone-style set of propellers.

Zee itself says it's working on a "revolutionary new form of transportation" that uses electric propulsion, which would explain the unusual noise it makes, plus there's a stack of jobs on offer should you have any sort of design or engineering speciality in the aerodynamics or flight world and want in on the limitless world of Google punt money. [Monterey Herald]

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