Google News Starts Pushing Fact-Checked Articles

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's news feeds are about to start featuring and promoting links to properly fact-checked articles, links that'll hopefully make it easier to determine what's true and what's just been copied off what someone said on Reddit for a laugh.

The feature sees the new tag of "fact check" added to sources within Google's lists of trawled news articles that fill its aggregators sites and apps, using the ClaimReview markup as a clue that the author of the piece may have actually done some groundwork rather than just rewriting something from the Guardian in 20 minutes and believing everything on the internet to be true for the sake of an easy life.

The fact check tags should already be appearing within the results and on article summaries generated through the Google News & Weather smartphone apps, making it easier to hold your phone in front of someone's face and win an argument about politics today. [Guardian]

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