Government Opens £320m "Heating for Cities" Fund to Bids

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has started taking bids for the first £39m chunk of a £320m kitty set aside to enhance the heat reclamation options within England and Wales, with bidders asked to come up with ways we can recycle waste heat and use it to keep old ladies warm on the cheap through the winter.

The "central heating for cities" scheme wants to encourage urban low carbon heating and energy recycling schemes, by building local heat networks that recycle waste heat produced by factories, transport systems and farting politicians to heat homes and businesses in their neighbourhood.

Heat recovery can be sourced from all sorts of places, including refrigeration plant output, boilers and processing factories, with the government hoping that, once the schemes are up and running, heating costs for those lucky enough to be supplied by one of the programmes might drop by around 30 per cent when compared to traditional home heating methods. [GOV]

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