Haircuts by Drone Unlikely to Catch on

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hey look, some stupid people have done something stupid for the internet, seeing as the entire internet is now little more than a neverending 1991 episode of You've Been Framed.

The stupid thing in question this time is: letting a drone cut your hair. It's not quite as stupid as it sounds, as the person in question didn't get his hair cut by the drone blades -- that would be very stupid -- but by the slightly less stupid method of a set of clippers dangling from the flying toy.

Long story short -- rubbish haircut, but no one lost any eyes or ears or died, so it's OK to laugh at a YouTube celebrity generating some content:

The video has 4.5 million views at time of writing, presumably because everyone's watching it and hoping the drone gets tangled up in the wires at the end and the camera falls over and there's two minutes of screaming as the clippers gradually gnaw the idiots down to the bone. [YouTube via TNW]

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