Hawaiian Airlines Horrifies Fliers With Pre-flight Weight Checks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hawaiian Airlines is at the centre of the shaming scandal of the day, after revealing plans to weigh passengers before flights -- so they can safely distribute the more hefty ones to stop the planes flying in circles.

Flights between the Samoan island of Pago Pago and Honolulu are the first to see the weight requirement kicking in, with passengers blocked from choosing their seats in advance before flying to they can be weighed, sorted, and categorised by staff before being allowed to fly.

The airline saying it needs to do so because passengers on this particular route tend to weigh an average of 15kg more than the average flier -- leading to problems should a seven-seat row of the route's Boeing 767 become filled entirely with enormous passengers as this exceeds the plane's recommended loading allowances.

So there's now an empty seat left on any particularly packed rows, or a poor child wedged, frightened and alone, between hefty fliers to mitigate the load. [Standard]

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