Heathrow's Third Runway Could Bridge the M25

By Gary Cutlack on at

The transport secretary clearly has some ideas about the form Heathrow's newly confirmed third runway will take, suggesting today that it might use a gently sloping ramp over the M25 to chuck planes full of drunk people towards the continent and beyond.

Chris Grayling says this would be cheaper than tunneling the M25 below the runway, explaining that the plans might see a "very gentle hill up which the planes would take off" to let the runway cross the big road.

And the legal challenges are already being outlined, with Richmond council leader Lord True saying he's taking legal advice about ways to stop runway three happening at all. Lord True says Heathrow is already breaking air quality rules and told BBC radio that: "The fact that the government has already delayed action for a year results from our reminding them that they hadn't yet fulfilled things which they're required to do under the existing law."

And obviously Boris Johnson's not happy, as the former London mayor says he foresees the plan being "snarled up" in regulatory and legal battles to such an extent that it still might not happen at all. [BBC]

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