Here's Footage of NYC's First New Subway Line in Nearly 100 Years

By Bryan Menegus on at

The above image just looks like a subway train, doing exactly the thing trains do. But this is no ordinary train—it’s the first glimpse at an infrastructure project first proposed almost a century ago.

First discussed in 1919 (and then promptly abandoned due to the Great Depression thing) the Second Avenue subway will run down Manhattan’s East Side, providing better transportation for whoever it is that can afford to live along the East River, while us schmucks in the outer boroughs prepare for the L train shutdown. It’s the first new line to be constructed in NYC since 1932, and YouTuber Dj Hammers managed to snag some footage of a test train running through the Lexington/63rd station.

When completed, the Second Avenue line will be dubbed the T train (meaning several stations in upper Manhattan will be QT stops.) After years of rumours, tunnel photos, and of course delays, the T is scheduled to open for service on December 30th of this year. [Untapped Cities]