Here's the First Trailer for Logan

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've been hearing bits and pieces about the third solo Wolverine movie, titled Logan, for the past couple of weeks. Now we finally get our first proper look at the film, in the form of a trailer.

It does a good job of showing us the setting of the film, set to the tune of Johnny Cash's Hurt. It's a pretty desolate-looking world where the X-Men are gone, and the number of mutants is declining. Wolverine is an old man with a declining healing factor, and he has to take care of the ageing Charles Xavier who is rumoured to be suffering from Alzheimer's. Naturally things do not look good, and it looks like things are going to get bloody.

The plot of the film supposedly revolves around the Transigen corporation, who have been turning mutant children into weapons. That would explain where X-23, a female clone of Wolverine, comes into things.

Throughout the video we get a small glimpse of Stephen Merchant as Caliban, a mutant with the power to track other mutants, Sienna Novikov as Laura Kinney/X-23, and Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, the head of the mutant-hating cyborg extremists, The Reavers.