In Capsule, the Secret Mission to Send a British Man to Space Goes Horribly Wrong

By James Whitbrook on at

Andrew Martin’s new indie film imagines a world where the British secretly sent the first man into space years before the Russians or Americans ever could—but as the trailer below shows, things start going sideways for the poor guy pretty fast.

Following the story of Guy Taylor, the secretive 1959 mission that catapults Taylor into the history books as the first man in space also seems like it could make him the first to die in space, too, when an oxygen leak critically damages his capsule—and his presence in space may have been noticed by other global powers, to boot. Poor Guy can’t catch a break!

Capsule is distinctly science-fiction, but more because it’s fiction about science rather than because of spaceships or aliens or what have you. After all, the first Brit in space wasn’t sent up in 1959; the honour went to Helen Sharman in 1991. Capsule is actually available for streaming on Amazon right now, if you’re intrigued.