iPhone 7 Flunks Battery Life Comparison

By Gary Cutlack on at

A test aiming to work out whether the iPhone 7's battery life is better for that minor capacity increase or not has found that it... isn't. At least not when compared with the current highest-end, larger capacity models offered by rivals LG, HTC and Samsung, which all destroy Apple's new phone in the critical lastability and stayingonlineability tests.

The amperes were watched by Which?, which dumped the iPhone 7 in clear last place when comparing it for overall battery performance with LG's G5, the HTC 10 and Samsung's Galaxy S7. Which? said that its tests showed the iPhone 7 was good for 712 minutes of calling time, a number more than doubled by the Android-powered other three with HTC's 10 the clear winner.

The good news for HTC is that it also flattened the iPhone 7 in the 3G internet use stats, managing to last for 790 minutes; while the iPhone 7 stayed alive and online for 615 minutes. Of course Apple's got the smallest battery of the four phones by a long way too, but that's its own fault. It put it in there.

But have any of the other phones got the Apple logo on? No. So does it matter? No. [Which?]

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