James Bond Wouldn't Get a Job With Us, Says MI6 Boss

By Gary Cutlack on at

Alex Younger, the head of the UK's spying division MI6, has said that he wouldn't give James Bond a job, were lightning to strike a Blu-ray copy of SPECTRE and bring the fictional spy to life.

It's because Bond breaks the law in his pursuit of his allegorical supervillains, something a real spy would never do. Definitely not. No way. Younger was speaking in an interview with the Black History Month site where he told the made-real Bond not to even bother submitting a CV, saying: "It's safe to say that James Bond wouldn't get through our recruitment process and, whilst we share his qualities of patriotism, energy and tenacity, an intelligence officer in the real MI6 has a high degree of emotional intelligence, values teamwork and always has respect for the law... unlike Mr Bond."

The interview also covers serious matters like the powers of the surveillance gripping the UK, the firm's LGBT employment credentials, his hopes for the Investigatory Powers Bill, how they work by trying to form "secret relationships of trust" overseas and more. [BHM via Telegraph]

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