Jazzy New Version of Microsoft Paint Shown Off in Demo Clips

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Microsoft has decided that it wants Paint to be used for more than just screengrabs, with leaked demonstrations showing off a dramatically different new version of the program.

It’s pretty much been left untouched through several different Windows releases, but clips posted online by Twitter user WalkingCat show off a Microsoft Paint built specifically for Windows 10 devices.

The company appears to have put a lot of work into making Paint as touch- and stylus-friendly as possible. There’s also a heavy 3D focus -- ahem, HoloLens -- and a social element too, where you can select items created by sme sort of Paint community.

It looks pretty slick, and totally different to the Paint we’re all accustomed to.

Microsoft’s planning an event on October 26th, and reports suggest it’s set to unveil an all-in-one desktop aimed at ‘creatives’. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to pull new Paint out of the bag. [Verge]