London's Night Tube Helps and Hinders Uber

By Gary Cutlack on at

That taxi company that sort of is but also sort of isn't has released some interesting data about its journeys within London, as the eventual launch of the all-night weekend Underground service impacts upon its operations.

As you might expect, Uber says the number of trips its catering for within the central parts of the city where the tube has the densest coverage have fallen, but that has been more than replaced by a windfall for the freelance drivers further out -- as they've been picking up people from stations in the outlying boroughs and taking them the last bit home.

Uber's stats explain: "The big change is outside of central London, where there’s been an enormous increase of 63 per cent in Uber journeys starting near Night Tube stations outside of central London. Some stations have seen particularly dramatic increases. For instance, Newbury Park, Woodford and North Acton have all seen an increase of more than 300 per cent."

And that's a graph confirming it all. It's a good time to own a people carrier in Stanmore, which is also the first time it's ever been a good time to have a car anywhere near London.

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