Making an Actual Skateboard with Lego Bricks is Just Awesome

By Casey Chan on at

Sure, people build lots of different things with Lego, but those are just toys or fun models. To make an actual working skateboard that will be outfitted with trucks and wheels to support the weight of an adult human? To hold up against the punishment of skaters? You need a wildly creative woodworker like Peter Brown to get it done. He took playing with Lego bricks to another level.

Watch as he uses multiple Lego baseplates, 250 Lego bricks, and 20 ounces of resin to build the board. It’s just a lot of fun to see him chop down Lego plates, dunk it with epoxy, shape the deck upwards, and then sanding the Lego into shape.

Here’s the full making of the Lego Skateboard from Peter Brown:

And here’s Braille Skateboarding riding around on that Lego skateboard: