Mario Pikachu is the Most Disgustingly Adorable Thing You'll See Today

By Tom Pritchard on at

There have been many different versions of Pikachu over the years. He's been an artist, a detective, a rock star, and even a ghost Pokémon (sort of). None of those manage to trump the electric mouse dressed up as Nintendo's Mario. It's so fucking adorable.

The crossover is the theme for a new limited range of merchandise, created thanks to a partnership between The Pokémon Company and Nintendo (the company that partially owns the Pokémon Company). The merch will include cuddly toys, keyrings, cards, notebooks, 3DS accessories,  t-shirts, and more.

Unfortunately they're looking like Japanese exclusives for the time being, so you'll probably have to pay a serious amount of cash to get your hands on this adorable little bastard:

[Pokémon Japan via The Verge]