Modern Stained Glass Window Covers Entire History of Knowledge From Creation to Mr Bean

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some of the finished panels that will make up a 200 foot long stained glass window are touring the UK ahead of their installation in a university in the US, with key events in the history of mankind -- like Sir Isaac Newton's discoveries and the airing of Mr Bean -- included.

It's being assembled under the banner of the Roots of Knowledge project at the Utah Valley University, where as well as the panels, they also took the time to have someone run around with a camera and create a 'Making of...' film, where the craftsmen, nearly all with beards of some sort, can be seen working away:

The idea behind it all is to trace the entire history of knowledge throughout the course of humanity. Then make it into a window. The final pane, showing where we are now as a species, is presumably just smashed and covered in white emulsion. [Roots of Knowledge via Guardian]