'Music for Cats' Tears up the Human Charts

By Gary Cutlack on at

An album full of music designed especially for the stupid pointy ears of cats is currently sitting at number 38 in the iTunes charts, with animal lovers reporting great success and high levels of engagement from the listening felines.

The album's also sitting at number 13 on the Amazon music sales list, where readers are leaving positive reviews apparently free from all irony and sarcasm. One review says it's also good music for humans, explaining: "Bella is amusing when the deep purring is playing as she gently lifts her head and her tongue lickes her nose until it stops, then she puts her head down again. This music is also relaxing to my wife and myself."

We assume Bella is the cat not the wife.

Another reviewer says the album of purring sounds and cello tunes played and assembled by David Teie seems to successfully send cats to sleep, saying: "The effect on our mature but nervous cat is amazing. The first time through she listened intently then fell asleep, and was calmer all evening. Today at lunchtime we've put it on again and she's gone upstairs to her night time bed, where she's now snoring away contentedly." [iTunes via ITV]