Nightmare Machine Builds Scary Pics to Assist Clown Horror Epidemic

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists teaching computers pointless party tricks have struck again, this time using the infinite power of deep-learning computers to... make funny pictures for the internet. Brain the size of a planet and it's lumbered with making viral content for idiots.

The development has been named the Nightmare Machine by its daddies at the MIT, who say it's all about teaching machines how humans display fear. Although why anyone thinks teaching an AI how to scare humans is a good idea we don't know.

Styles on offer include "Slaughterhouse" which dumps blood over everything and an "Inferno" option to warp images and create some sort of burning vision of hell out of your holiday snaps, plus the process also works with human faces, turning your favorite celebrities into a nasty blend of burn victim, killer clown and rotten corpse.

There's an Instagram feed of the best machine-made horror photos, should you like ruining your key life milestones by applying way too many filters to snaps. [Nightmare Machine via Techradar]

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