Nintendo's Next Console is Called the Switch

By Tom Pritchard on at

After an age of hearing absolutely nothing, Nintendo has started dishing out the details on it's new console. It's called the Switch, and it is, as rumoured, a console/handheld hybrid. Here's a trailer:

Here's a picture of the console itself:

Here's what information we can glean from the trailer:

The system does seem to have brought back cartridges. They don't look that dissimilar from the ones used in the 3DS, but they are noticeably bigger.

The console has a tablet-like device that slides out of the housing, and lets you game on the go. It also has a kickstand, and it's not clear whether it's a touchscreen or not (my bet would be that it's not).

The controllers are detachable and can be used in a bunch of different ways. They attach directly to the side of the tablet, onto a controller-like peripheral for home gaming, as well as being used wirelessly.

It looks like some games only need one of the controller pieces to function, letting you play with friends without having to buy new hardware.

There's a proper non-transforming controller that looks like the Wii U pro controller, but with an Xbox-style analogue stick layout.

No spec details, but it will play Skyrim. Which means the guts are at least on par with the 11-year old Xbox 360.

The console will be out next March, but we have no pricing yet.