Phew, Nintendo Switch Will Have a Touch Screen After All

By James O Malley on at

Gamers can breath a sigh of relief as it has emerged that Nintendo's new home/handheld console hybrid, the Switch, will in fact have a touch screen - despite the company showing no evidence of such functionality in a short announcement video for the console.

According to Eurogamer the screen on the device will be 6.2 inches, will run at 720p and (in a first for Nintendo) will be a capacitive multi-touch screen that supports multi-fingered gestures.

If that doesn't sound particularly impressive spec-wise, it is because you need to better calibrate your expectations: The Switch is likely to retail for a similar price to a mid-range smartphone, and for far less, say, the Samsung Galaxy S7, which sports a 2K screen.

But this will be good news for gamers who might have been nervous that Nintendo's latest console might have doomed us to scrolling around on-screen keyboards with a thumbstick, like in caveman times, rather than using an on screen keyboard. What's going to be interesting though is to see how Nintendo marries this touchscreen functionality with the need for the Switch to sit in a dock when the player is gaming on their telly - what happens if a particular part of a game requires touch input?

Hopefully we'll find out on January 13th when Nintendo has promised its next set of Switch announcements.