Pokémon Go Adds "Capture Bonus" Feature To Help You Catch 'Em All

By James O Malley on at

Good news! Catching that elusive Charmander might just get a little bit easier, thanks to a new feature that is being added to Pokémon Go.

Developer Niantic revealed on the game's official blog that it will soon be rolling out what it calls capture bonuses. These will essentially adjust the odds of bagging certain monsters when they appear based upon the medals you have already won for capturing creates of the same type.

For example, if your Pokédex is being weighed down by dozens of Vulpix - and you've already won the in-game medal for capturing so many fire types, next time a Charmander (or any other fire type) appears the odds of your ball successfully capturing it will increase.

It appears that you'll be able to get up to three capture bonuses: One on capturing 10 of a given type, one on 50, and the last after capturing 200 of the same type. If the Pokémon is dual-type, your bonus will be an average of the bonuses you get for both types.

So if you've just about given up on ever hoping to catch 'em all, perhaps now is a good time to get back out there and realise your dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. [Niantic]