Pokémon Go Could Link into Future Pokémon Games

By Tom Pritchard on at

Pokémon Go might have lost a lot of steam since launch, but it's still going strong. For those of you still playing, there's a chance that the mobile game could link into future titles in the Pokémon series.

Junichi Masuda, producer and director of Pokémon Sun and Moon, wants that to happen eventually. TechRadar is reporting that Masuda wants there to be some sort of "connectivity" between Pokémon games on different platforms, so that there is "some way [Pokémon] games can interact" and share progress.

Obviously this already happens with the handheld titles, but to link in mobile platforms would be an extra special touch. Naturally this won't be a feature in Sun and Moon, given how they were close to the end of development when Pokémon Go launched, but there's a chance it could happen in future.

There are no solid plans just yet, but if the producer/director of the latest game wants that feature, you can bet that there's some conversation happening somewhere. [Tech Radar]