Pokémon Go Halloween Special Offers More God Damn Drowzees To Capture

By James O Malley on at

Good news if your Pokébag isn't already weighed down will billions of Drowzees, as Pokémon Go developer Niantic is promising even more for Halloween Week.

From October 26th (that's Wednesday) until November 1st, trainers can expect to find more Drowzee, Hypno, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat and Golbat - because they're slightly spooky, right?

In what is no doubt a bid to re-engage lapsed players back into the game, the developers are also promising double candy when you capture, hatch or transfer Pokémon during the event period. Buddy Pokémon will also help you earn candies four times as fast.

So perhaps now is the time to fire up the app fill the rest of your Pokédex?