Possible New BT Logo is a Standard Modern Boring Flat Circle

By Gary Cutlack on at

That boring circle thing up there is perhaps the new logo for BT that'll soon be sitting on the routers and apps of millions of people in the UK, as the infrastructure cornerstone prepares to modernise its brand. Even though there are several more important things it could spend a few million quid on, aren't there? Like getting me an upload speed higher than 0.33Mbps FOR EXAMPLE.

The new logo comes from the FT, a resource one would assume to be clever enough not to fall for a fake some random person posted to Reddit. The FT says BT's current logo, known as the "connected world" because it has a weird planet-shaped lump next to it that makes it hard to draw, is set to be phased out next year as part of a wider brand reorganisation.

The new coloured circle design is presumably meant to be a sort of ode to the power button, seeing as the BT of the future wants to be seen as a broadcaster and media provider, rather than just the operator of one of the most impenetrable call centres yet devised.

Although it's been registered with the Intellectual Property Office, an agreement to use the new logo is yet to be taken. [FT]

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