PSVR Works as an HDMI Display for Any Old Games Console

By Gary Cutlack on at

People bravely and selflessly seeing what happens when you plug things into other things the manual makes no mention of have found some useful extra functionality within PSVR -- it has a similar 2D cinema mode to the other VR headsets, only this one works with any valid HDMI output.

Meaning you can create a massive universe-detonating paradox by playing Xbox One games while using the PlayStation headset as your reality screen, or connect Sony's thing to your AV equipment for a cinematic treat, or even plug a Wii U into the head mount for perhaps the most overly complicated gaming session yet devised.

Obviously there's no magical 3D effect or sensor input data on offer, so it's only using the headset as a posh screen, but still. That's a feature you could use to convince yourself you need one, should you not already have one. [Reddit via Ars]

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