Report: Amazon to Emulate Aldi With Series of Physical Shops

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

New reports suggest Amazon is set to further encroach on the big supermarkets’ territories by selling groceries at a series of physical stores and drive-throughs. According to the Wall Street Journal, the online giant’s plans are codenamed ‘Project Como’, and it ultimately wants to emulate the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Its shops would allegedly be stocked mainly with perishable items, though customers would be able to order in further items for pickup via the Amazon app. The drive-throughs, meanwhile, would only serve customers who made online orders beforehand.

It’s also being reported that the shops would only be open to AmazonFresh subscribers, which instantly kills off my plan to pop in there and have a sneak peek on opening day. AmazonFresh is the company’s fresh food delivery service, and it’s only available in parts of London right now.

If the physical shops do happen, we'd expect them to hit the US before the UK, as we've just seen with Amazon's new music streaming service. [WSJ via Guardian]