Robots Are Truly Lousy Play-Actors

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Footballers often get a bad rap, and goodness knows why. Is it because most of them are as thick as two planks? Perhaps it's the wildly overpaid thing? The dabbing? The complete lack of taste? The unbelievably cringey promotional videos? The posing? The play-acting? It's got to be the play-acting.

Unfortunately for those of you who like to hate on footballers for their embarrassing attempts to feign injury, new footage from the Robocup Challenge has emerged, and it shows that machines are far slimier than humans when it comes to questionable theatrics.

They're far less accomplished too.

The University of Texas' Austin Villa ended up beating the University of New South Wales’ Runswift 7-3, with the Aussie team's robots plagued by technical glitches throughout the game. It was the diving that really caught the eye though. Oh, and the goalkeeping too.

The Guardian has a thoroughly entertaining highlights reel available here.