Samsung Might Stick With LG Batteries in Future

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's never really been any shortage of news involving combusting lithium-ion batteries, but the whole Galaxy Note 7 situation has taken things to a whole new level. Considering Samsung's 'safe' replacement batteries have been bursting into flames, it's no surprise that it might going elsewhere for its batteries in future.

Samsung has to do a lot to retain customer confidence over the next few years, and according to some sources that means it'll be going to fellow tech giant LG for its batteries. It can't claim that its own battery issues have been fixed, since that wasn't the case with the 'safe' replacements in newer Note 7 devices.

Word is that Samsung is also considering better compensation for people affected by the combusting phones. Up until now Samsung has offered minimal compensation, and has resisted paying up to cover damage the fiery phones have caused to customers' homes. Unfortunately, that's hardly the kind of attitude to have when consumer confidence has taken such a big hit.

It doesn't help that a lawsuit has been filed to force Samsung to cover the cost of Note 7-induced damages, reportedly forcing the company to rethink its compensation policies. [Korean Herald (1, 2) via Slashgear]