Samsung's Attempted Takedown of the Note 7 GTA Video Has Been Denied

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that the DMCA takedown system gets abused, especially on YouTube. The latest high profile example of this came from Samsung, who filed a copyright notice against a video showcasing a GTA V mod that changes grenades into exploding Galaxy Note 7s. Fortunately, the request has been blocked by YouTube.

Samsung didn't own the rights to the mod, and it clearly doesn't own the rights to GTA V. You could argue that they own the design of the phone, but fair use and parody law would likely come into play. Because of those reasons sdaddy345, the video's creator, promised to file a counter-claim against the takedown.

When contacting YouTube, they pointed out that there were plenty of videos showing the same mod in action, none of which had been subject of takedowns. As we reported in the initial news post, the mod in question was also still readily available. For once it looks as though going through the correct channels worked, and YouTube restored the video in all its glory.

So Samsung can't take a joke, but it seems to tried to suppress the material in the most half-arsed way possible. You know, because a single YouTube video generates so much more bad press than dozens of phones bursting into flames for no good reason (and the subsequent botched recall). [Kotaku UK]