Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Lives on in New Features for the Galaxy S7

By Tom Pritchard on at

The launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has been a complete disaster, but thankfully a little bit of it will live on inside the months-old Galaxy S7. Just hopefully not the bits that makes batteries burst into flames for no reason.

Galaxy S7 owners should now be noticing that their phones are downloading some new things, and in those updates are some of the features that initially debuted on the Note 7. The main one is that the Note 7's always-on display is now available on its older brother, including all the customisation options that go along with it.

Just don't go expecting all the Note 7's software features to end up on the S7. After all some of them were tied to the S-Pen, which was only available with the now-recalled phablet.

While the timing of the S7 rollout seems remarkably convenient, it's unlikely that it was a response to the serious issues Note 7 owners faced. If five years of waiting for Android updates has taught me anything, it's that software development is not a speedy process.

It's likely that it was always Samsung's plan to introduce the newer features to the S7, and it just so happens to have arrived at the right time. After all the S7 was rather well-received, and it doesn't have a reputation for burning your face off. [XDA via Slashgear]