Sky Boss Still Wants BT and Openreach to be Broken Apart

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky TV's boss Andrew Griffith has launched a new attack on BT, using a personal opinion piece to renew calls for BT and its Openreach division to be broken up -- despite a recent regulatory decision to let them carry on working together.

Griffith used a column in the Telegraph to outline his stance, claiming that the UK's broadband scene can only be taken forward into full fibre wonderland if BT's forced to ditch its infrastructure group. Griffith said: "Far from investing in the network, BT is actually a net recipient of cash from Openreach. It therefore has no incentive to invest more. Customers suffer and there is no motivation to improve its notoriously poor service."

The answer, therefore, is to get Ofcom to make Openreach separate and independent, creating a new UK FTSE 100 company that's big enough to attract outside investment, getting shareholders and investors to pay for the network build rather than customers -- and reinvesting the profits in ever faster internet for all.

The independent Openreach would result in a network that's completely open to all wholesale customers in Griffith's dream future land, coincidentally ideal for his own firm's ISP ambitions. [Telegraph]

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