Somebody Make This Playmobil Hair Bike Helmet Real

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

People that dwell online have suddenly become aware of this design for a Playmobil hair-inspired bike helmet, and it’s in demand. Created by Danish firm Moef back in 2015, it was reportedly created in a bid to get kids interested in bike safety.

According to Redditor Wootz_CPH, who says he used to work for Moef, “[The designers] 3D scanned a Lego Playmobil ‘hair’ helmet piece and a real life bike helmet, then cleaned the scans up in Zbrush and Solidworks (IIRC). The parts were merged in CAD, and 3D printed on a big powder-printer."

“I'm not actually sure if it was supposed to end up in a shop or if it was just a prop," they added. "From what I remember, there wasn't really any work put into making functional. I tried putting it on at some point, but with a Lego head being barrel-shaped, it wasn't long enough to be comfortable, and very, very wide.”

While this Bieber-esque helmet looks fantastic, I’m holding out for a model based on Sven-Göran Eriksson’s do. [Imgur via Reddit]