Someone Please Buy Twitter, Please, Please, Please

By Eve Peyser on at

Twitter stock crashed today, falling nine per cent, amid reports from Re/code that Google and Disney — who were previously suspected buyers — will not be making bids for the company. That still leaves Salesforce in the running, with CEO Marc Benioff saying earlier this week that “data is the currency in software’s new world order”.

Someone Please Buy Twitter, Please, Please, Please, PleaseScreenshot via Google

Benioff also called Twitter “an unpolished gem”, but has since downplayed reports that Salesforce would buy the company, telling CNBC “it’s in our interest to look at everything”.

Some analysts think a Salesforce acquisition of Twitter would be a huge mistake, with Marketwatch reporting that it could potentially “wipe out $12 billion to $17 billion of Salesforce’s combined value with Twitter, or 20% to 25% of the company.”

Here’s the good news? An amazing social media company (that has a teensy problem with both harassment and revenue) apparently wants to be bought — even if CEO Jack Dorsey might need more convincing. According to reports from Bloomberg, Dorsey suggested at a September 8th board meeting the company should stay on its current track and focus on live-video streaming.

Now that the most of the big wigs are apparently out of the game, now’s your chance to purchase.