Teen Girl Burned on Harry Potter Ride by Passenger's Exploding Vape

By Hudson Hongo on at

A 14-year-old girl visiting Universal Studios Florida was hospitalised on Saturday after another visitor’s vape device malfunctioned, “shooting a ball of flame” at the girl, CNN reports.

According to police, the girl was riding the theme park’s recreation of the Hogwarts Express when the device exploded in a uni student’s pocket, leaving “a small burn hole” on the train seat.

“It was just a weird, freak accident that unfortunately caused injuries to two people,” a police spokesperson told The Orlando Sentinel. “It wasn’t a big explosion but was definitely enough to scare everyone who was in that cab of the train.”

Authorities say the girl suffered minor to moderate burns on her face, arm and leg. The condition of the college student, who fled the park before police arrived, is not known.

Police did not specify the exact nature of malfunction. In the past, however, stories of exploding e-cigarettes have often involved loose lithium-ion batteries short circuiting after contact with metallic objects. In general, replaceable vape batteries should never be charged unattended or carried unprotected. [CNN]