The Burial Mound is Making a UK Comeback

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small UK company is hoping there might be demand for a retro style of burial that's more elaborate than today's cremation and sprinkling in a gutter or dumping in a hole methods, and is bringing back the 5,000-year-old option of being entombed in a stone mound until future demand for flats results in you being dug up and put in a skip.

It is the idea of Sacred Stones, which thinks people, probably rich people with high levels of self importance, might like the place of their death to become some sort of national natural monument. For a few decades at least, until it goes bust, stops paying for the grass to be mowed, and the land is sold off to the Chinese to become some car parks.

The new burial mound pictured above has been given the name Willow Row, which is bland enough to please old people and have them happy about being in there to get some peace. It won't take entire bodies, though, instead offering lots of little shelves on which to lay rest the mayonnaise jar the council put your ashes in.

If nothing else, it makes a great advert for someone's dry stone walling skills. [Sacred Stones via Guardian]

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