The Grand Tour's £2.5 Million Opening Sequence Sounds Like Something Special

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Amazon’s spared no expense in working to make The Grand Tour bigger, sexier and more outrageous than Top Gear in every single way.

According to fresh reports, the opening sequence for the upcoming show will be the most expensive “ever seen on the small screen”, costing a frankly ridiculous £2.5 million to make.

So what does it feature? Clarkson giving birth to May, giving birth to Hammond, with all three then proceeding to blow up a giant, annoying, Chris Evans-shaped monster with sticks of dynamite thrown from the windows of a flying DeLorean?

Not quite. Instead, people in the know have told us to expect a Mad Max: Fury Road-style sequence, with the trio of presenters ploughing through the Californian desert in red, white and blue Mustangs, while a roaring horde of “150 cars, 2,000 ‘petrolheads’, acrobats, stilt-walkers and six jet planes” eat their dust in hot pursuit. Whether or not the producers decided to enhance Clarkson with a Hardy-esque ripped torso, shave May down to match Theron or experiment with Hammond's lips and a variety of corrosive acids remains to be seen.

The show is set to begin next month, with new episodes landing every Friday from November 18th. [Sun]