The iPhone 7 Has a Secret Virtual Home Button

By Tom Pritchard on at

Have you (somehow) managed to break the home button on your iPhone 7? Not to worry, because there's a solution you can use to keep you going until you get everything fixed: a secret virtual home button.

Well it's not that well hidden, since the iPhone 7 automatically offers up the virtual button if it detects the physical sensor is busted. Unfortunately if you do manage to break the home button (again, I must ask how the hell you could have managed that already), you will lose access to TouchID. So maybe make sure you setup a password/code as a back-up.

Anyone not using an iPhone 7 isn't completely out of luck either. Anyone using iOS 10 can head into the accessibility menu in General Settings, and turn it on from in there. The only difference is that it you have to trigger it manually, rather than the phone sorting it all out by itself.

As you might expect, a busted home button is going to get very annoying very quickly. So just because you have a workaround doesn't mean you shouldn't get it fixed as soon as you can. [MacRumors via TechRadar]