The True Scale of Nuclear Bombs Is Terrifying

By Casey Chan on at

Nuclear weapons are already scary enough, but when you dig deeper and find out how powerful the weapons truly are, they get even more terrifying.

The weapons we’ve built after the first atomic bombs are so strong that you can use Hiroshima as a unit of measurement. The largest nuclear explosion in human history, the Tsar Bomba, detonated with a force of 50 megatonnes or the power of 3,333 Hiroshimas.

The Russians had another bomb planned that would have been double the force of the Tsar Bomba at 100 megatonnes (and 6,666 times the force of Hiroshima) but luckily they never tested it. The Tsar Bomba was already as terrifyingly powerful as it can get, since it almost destroyed the plane that dropped it and shattered windows as far as Norway and Finland. (The bomb was tested at Novaya Zemlya in Northern Russia).

Even something like the B83 bomb (the largest nuke in the US arsenal) explodes with a mushroom cloud taller than the the cruising altitude of a commercial airliner. The true scale of nuclear weapons is really something.

Learn more about it with this video by RealLifeLore, which also shows what kind of damage these nukes would do if they were dropped on New York City.