The Week in Geek: Blade, The Old Republic, Rogue One

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's time to look back at all the geeky announcements in the world of gaming, TV, film, and comics. This week we have news about Marvel's plans for the Blade franchise, a petition for an Old Republic Netflix series, a poster for Rogue One, and more.


So some rumours started flying around that Marvel was working on something Blade related, thanks to Kate Beckinsale's comments about a potential Underworld crossover. According to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, it's not happening. Yet. Telling The Playlist:

“They did ask a long time ago and I think our answer was, ‘No, we’ll do something with ‘Blade’ at some point.’ That’s still the answer. We still think he’s a great character. He’s a really fun character. We think this movie going into a different side of the universe would have the potential to have him pop up, but between the movies, the Netflix shows, the ABC shows there are so many opportunities for the character to pop up as you’re now seeing with Ghost Rider on ‘AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ that rather than team up with another studio on that character let’s do something on our own. What that is? Where that will be? We’ll see. There is nothing imminent to my knowledge.”

Someone better tell Wesley Snipes. It's about time he got it into his head that his chances of playing Blade again are basically nill.

The Old Republic

Don't get your hopes up for a new Knights of the Old Republic game anytime soon (that MMO is still going strong, after all), but fans have started a petition asking for an Old Republic Netflix series.

It has nearly 50,000 subscribers already, and cites Narcos, House of Cards, and the Marvel series as proof that Netflix can "serve as a platform to tell these stories as they were meant to be portrayed: dark, foreboding, and a touch on the mature side".

Rogue One

We've already seen the latest trailer for the upcoming stand-alone Star Wars movie, but there's also a poster. If you thought the last one was nice, you're bound to be wowed by this.


More and more information is coming out regarding the third Wolverine movie, titled Logan. First of all we have confirmation from Omega Underground that the film will see the cinematic debut of X-23, a female clone of Wolverine. According to The Wrap, X-23 (reportedly referred to as Laura in the film) is part of a government programme called 'Transgien' which weaponises mutant children.

The Wrap also claims that Richard E Grant will play Dr Zander Rice, a character from the comics who worked on recreating the Weapon X programme and directly led to the creation of X-23. Unfortunately, despite rumours and a hint at the end of X-Men Apocalypse, Mr Sinister will not be appearing in the film. Which is a waste, because Grant would have been perfect for that role.

Director James Mangold also revealed some storyboards on Twitter, featuring Wolverine punching through a car windscreen.

Doctor Strange

Thanks to the IMAX sneak-peak of Marvel's next film, we know what Doctor Strange's token Stan Lee cameo will involve. No spoilers on the film content, but Stan's cameo involves him sitting on a bus reading a book on metaphysics (a concept heavily featured in the film) and then referring to it as "a bunch of nonsense."


The poster for the original Alien film is pretty iconic, but an unused logo design has just come to light. The Giger-inspired logo was created by Michael Doret and Todd Schor, with Doret discussing the logo on his website.

Spider-Man Spin-Offs

A while back Sony revealed it was working on films spinning off from the Spider-Man franchise, but details have been scarce up until now. Now, thanks to an insistent journalist from Collider, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group Tom Rothman has confirmed news is on its way. He claims there is a "concerted effort" going on behind the scenes, and that it would be “real news, as opposed to speculative news, before too long.”

Let's just hope Sony isn't trying to rush things, they made that mistake before with Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I do hope they learn their lesson.


Another hero is coming to Supergirl, though it's slightly changed from the one from the comics. Jimmy/James Olsen is set to take up the mantle of Guardian, a hero without powers that fights crime using his trusty shield.

Marvel Comics

Darth Vader may have ended, but Marvel isn't letting its portfolio of Star Wars comics get any smaller. This week it announced what the mysterious Star Wars: Classified teaser was all about. As it turns out, the company is launching an ongoing series that follows Doctor Aphra - an archaeologist that debuted on the pages of Darth Vader.

The series, aptly titled Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, will follow the renegade scientist in her adventures with Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan and the delightfully homicidal droids BT-3 and 0-0-0. The book debut in December, and will be written by Darth Vader scribe Kieron Gillen, with art from Kev Walker.

Also on the way is a new Nova series, that will team up classic Nova Richard Rider with the relatively new Sam Alexander. Rider died a few years back to save the lives of Peter Quill and Drax, but recently managed to come back to life thanks to the rookie Nova. Unfortunately he needs someone to help him navigate the modern-day Marvel universe, which is where Sam comes into things. The book is set to debut this November from writers Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez. Perez will also be providing the art.

Finally, the publisher released another teaser for 'Resserxion', promising more information next week.