There's Only a 10-Mile Hidden Monorail Under London

By Gary Cutlack on at

Did you know there's a really quite secret -- as in private and we can't go and vomit on it -- monorail that stretches across 10 miles of north London? Well there is. It's owned by the National Grid and sits in a tunnel that was built to carry electricity cables.

The monorail is a happy addition, as it's used to inspect the tunnel and the cables, seeing as it's 10 miles long and walking that with a toolkit everyday wouldn't be that much fun. Blogger Ian Visits managed to assemble lots of information and photos of the tunnel -- running from Elstree to St John's Wood -- which was built between 2001 and 2004, opening for business in 2005.

Its job is to link a substation at St. John’s Wood to one in Elstree, allowing one 400 kV cable circuit to carry electricity into the city to keep all the lights on, the phones charging, and the milk heating for the ironic porridge.

It's a proper tunnel too and not some crawly passageway, measuring 3m across -- just shy of the 3.5m width of the tube tunnels thereabouts. Hence there being enough room for all the cables and one of the most exclusive little monorails in the world, although riding them's not really an option even for senior management, as they're loaded with cameras that do the spotting jobs automatically. [Ian Visits]

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