This is the Most Expensive Surface Studio You Can Buy

By Gizmodo on at

Microsoft’s answer to the traditional desktop computer is coming. And it’s expensive.

The convertible screen 28-inch is touch sensitive, 12.5 millimetres thick, and boasts a retina-scorching 13.5 million pixels. It’s undoubtedly gorgeous — so much so that Surface chief Panos Panay was practically fondling the thing on stage.

This Is the Most Expensive Surface Studio You Can Buy

So how much would you expect such a luxurious device? You could opt for the low test configuration which will set you back $3,000. Official UK prices haven't yet been announced, but that translates to roughly £2,500. At full specs, you’re looking at $4,200 (around £3,400) according to the company’s preorder page.

Three thousand four hundred pounds. That’s about £800 more than a maxed out Surface Book or even a 15-inch Macbook Pro. For that much money you could also buy approximately 200,000 Chromebooks.

What does that kind of scratch get you? An Intel i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, a 4GB NVidia GPU, a 2 TB solid state hard drive for storage, a keyboard, pen, and mouse. The weird Dial peripheral (the one that looks like a cross between a paperweight and a weed grinder) will set you back an extra $100 (roughly £80) and the ergonomic keyboard variant is another $120 (around £100). All for a beautiful machine that seems far too easy to put your elbow through.